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What Type of Motivational Speeches Actually Motivate a Workforce
Motivational speeches are one of the best tactics a business can use in order to boost morale and in turn increases business working efficiency. However, in this article, I will discuss the key factors involved in motivational speeches (Motivational speech in Urdu) that bring around such moral changes in the workforce and lead to a positive outcome.

Before anyone makes a quick jump decision to try and use Urdu motivational speech in order to empower their workforce they must first take a look at a few things:

* Is the business environment one that can motivate?
* Do the employees need motivation?
* Is the manager or a guest speaker going to perform the motivational speeches?

In the first point what a business needs to understand is that if their workforce is in a low motivated job, such as batch production, whereby they carry out the same tasks continuously, they will not be affected by and motivation speeches thrown at them. However, if the workplace employs a more lean production method where jobs are rotated often, working in teams and creating a more 'family' environment than the speech has a much higher chance to affect the morale of the workforce.

Although the second point may seem like one you would hope to easily answer, it is not always clear what the employees are actually thinking. It is also difficult to find out the reasons why the people who work for a particular company do actually work for them. By identifying theses reasons and finding a common point you can then use this to base your motivation speeches around, thus identifying with the workforce much better than a generalized speech.

The final piece of the puzzle is who is chosen to carry out the motivational speeches you set out to use. The two choices are either management, someone respected by the workforce so that they pay attention rather than drift off within their own heads, alternatively, you can use a guest speaker. However, when using a guest speaker you will need to look at what influence they have in the market you are operating within. For example, if the chosen company works on creating music CD covers and you get in one of the top singers, that the workforce will soon be doing the cover for, you are much more likely to get one of those rare motivational speeches that truly empower a workforce leading to higher production and better quality work.

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However, even if you use all of these above methods and do find a common point of interest as well as use a famous figurehead, it may end up costing more than it is worth. If your businesses production process works on a system that creates a maximum efficiency due to machinery then you will need to counterbalance the money generated from working at that maximize the efficiency with the costs, both time and monetary, of putting together possible motivational speeches to encourage and empower the workforce.

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