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Comparing Homeowners Insurance Quotes: Apples To Apples
Comparing homeowners insurance quotes is obviously a major component of getting cheap homeowners rates, but it’s not the most important. The most important step is making sure you are comparing the same coverages. There is always something cheaper and we all know there is no such thing as a free lunch. Cheap home owners insurance rates can cost you if your homeowners insurance coverage is not adequate.

The first step in doing this is to obtain a copy of your policy In an electronic format. Once you have done this you are going to want to convert it to a pdf document. If you are not sure how to do this just do a google search. This will allow you to email your policy to a number of agents quickly. Converting it to a pdf document will allow agents to review it quickly and to save certain important sections containing special coverages or coverage exclusions.

Once you have gotten your homeowners insurance policy in a pdf format, you will want to do a quick google search for homeowners insurance agents or insurance agent. This will allow you to pick several different agents to contact to get homeowners insurance quotes from. After you have done your search, pick 3–4 different insurance agents to contact. I would encourage you to click on their websites and look around. Learn about them and their Agency and see what all they do. Once you have found the ones you like, reach out to them and let them know your interested in getting some homeowners quotes.

When contacted by the agent let them know that you are shopping your homeowners insurance and would like to get some quotes. Make sure you ask for insurance quotes from at least three different insurance companies. When talking with an agent let him know that you have a copy of your current policy in an electronic format that you would like to email over. Tell them that your quotes should have the same limits as your current policy or higher. Also make sure to note that you want the same coverages or better.

Next make sure to let each agent know the amount of your annual premium. Doing this will increase your chances of getting lower homeowners rates. Also inform them of any updates you have made to your home recently like a new alarm system or new roof. Reporting these updates may qualify you for discounted homeowners rates.

At this point the agent will probably ask you certain questions about your home. You will need to know things like what year your home was built, the square footage, roof type, distance to a fire hydrant and other pertinent information. The agent is going to need certain personal information from you to establish firm quotes. A firm quote is a price the insurance company is willing to insure your home for provided that the information you provided them with is true and accurate. I recommend providing this information upfront. Things like prior claims and even your credit history can affect your rates. Ask the agent to document the differences in the coverages and limits on the quotes they obtain from the coverages and limits in your current homeowners insurance policy. Once you have provided the agent with all of the necessary information they should now be able to get tow ore finding your cheap homeowners insurance.

Once the agent has all of the insurance they need, they will then contact the homeowners insurance companies to get the quotes. The agent will usually be able to get your quotes within a day or two, but often times the same day.

The agent will call you back letting you know they have obtained the quotes and would like to go over them with you. It is not necessary for you to have to drive to their office to do this. Ask them to email the quotes to you so you can review them with you over the phone. Also ask them to email over the differences in the limits and coverages. Once you have the quotes, listen to what the agent says and feel free to speak up and ask questions. You will want to ask questions like how much is my deductible? Is my deductible the same for fire as it is for wind and hail? What about if my pipes bust or the sewer backs up?

Next you will want to ask the agent what coverages their quotes provided that your current policy doesn’t have. Then ask are there any coverages my current policy has that your quotes exclude or don’t cover. Ask about how the policy is billed? Is it billed monthly, quarterly, semi annually or annually. Are their discounts for paying it annually? Can it be mortgage billed. Can it be billed electronically or drafted from your bank account? Asking these questions can help start to paint the whole picture for you. Having the right information will help you make the best decision towards getting cheap homeowners insurance. This will make sure you are comparing apples to apples.

During the call make sure to highlight the things you like and note the coverages, exclusions and limits of each. After the call review all of the information provided, pick the quotes that meet your needs and then keep the quote that was the cheapest of all the quotes that met your needs. Simply repeat this process with the remains agents you have selected.

Now gather the cheapest quote that met your needs from each agent. First call the agent with the most expensive quote you got and tell them that you have gotten two other quotes that you would like them to review for you and have them explain why their higher homeowners insurance quotes for you is a better option than the other two quotes with cheaper homeowners insurance rates. Then call the agent who had the cheapest homeowners insurance quote and have them explain why they think their quote better meets your needs than the most expensive quote of the three homeowners insurance quotes you received from the other agent.

After you have the homeowners insurance quote you like, do a little research on the homeowners insurance company. Do a google search for reviews. See what other customers say about them. Check to see what customers are saying about their claims service. Look into their customer service experiences. Also look at the financial rating of the insurance company. Make sure they are A rated or better.

Now you are ready to get the cheapest homeowners insurance with the most coverages, lowest deductibles and high limits. Now it’s time to call the agent who had the home owners insurance quote you selected. It’s as simple as that. I can promise you that if you will take the time to do this you will get start saving money by getting the cheapest homeowners insurance on the market for your home. How bout them apples?

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